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The DVC is an action organization formed to elect Democrats and pass progressive initiatives by providing a campaign infrastructure for candidates and interest groups. We also help voters make informed choices by hosting events, supporting activist groups and promoting educational opportunities. We enhance and complement the work of local clubs and progressive organizations.


"The DVC team quickly established themselves as one of the premier voter mobilization organizations in the state. From inception through election, the staff and volunteers built a professional, efficient, and effective organization that made a quantifiable positive impact. I’m honored to have been an initial supporter and continue to be an enthusiastic advocate of the DVC."

Anna Eshoo, U.S. Representative, CA 18


Join us this year as we work to hold the Senate and elect Democrats in California. It’s up to you! Register voters. Call Democrats to alert them to the importance of this year’s election and be sure they get to the polls. Travel to “hot spots” to help with critically important campaigns. Anything will make a difference!